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9 Costume Ideas for 9 pm on Halloween

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

So…you waited until 9 pm on October 31st to finally pull your Halloween costume together? I’m talking to you, my fellow procrastinators. We’ve all been there. I know what it’s like, early on in October you think ‘This year will be my year. I’m going to go all out with my costume.’

Maybe you tell yourself this is the year you’ll finally perfect that perfect cat eye, red lip, or smokey eye. Why can't we all have makeup skills as fierce as James Charles?

But then, as the weeks go by and the assignments pile up, you find yourself saying ‘Tomorrow, I’ll figure it out tomorrow.’ All of a sudden, it’s 9pm on a Wednesday evening and your friends are asking when you’ll finally show up to the pre. But, have no fear!

Whether you aren’t afraid of wearing something kooky, are as single as a pringle and looking to mingle, or simply looking for something cute for you and your S.O. to wear…we’ve got you covered!

The first 5 are quick & easy costumes for you…

1. For the punny brunch-lover…The Avo-Cato

For all of you avocado-lovers out there, this costume is a fun and easy twist on the classic cat costume. All you need is a piece of cardboard (don’t be afraid to pull it out of your recycling bin from that Aritzia order your housemate got the other day), scissors, and a green marker (two shades, if possible).

First, cut a face-sized hole in your piece of cardboard. Next, cut your piece of cardboard into a pear shape. Colour (or scribble) it in with the green marker…if you have two shades, use the darker shade on the outside. Easy money!

Basically, this will be you...except you will also be dressed as the cat.

Now, just wear some black clothes, use your eyeliner to draw on some nose/whiskers and you’re good to go!

2. For the frequent (or wannabe) traveller… The Ever Nosey Tourist

This costume is SUPER easy. Just toss on a Hawaiian print shirt/other souvenir top (ex. I <3 NYC) over some khakis (if you don’t own any, just go for jeans/leggings), pair with some cheap sunglasses, and pop on some flip flops or sandals (sandals & socks are a great go-to if it’s too cold for bare feet!). BAM!

Bonus points for a Tilley hat, binoculars, floral necklace or a disposable camera (can also serve the purpose of capturing some great mems!).

3. For the ever salty Sperry-wearer…The Sailor

If you own any of the following items: Sperrys (or other boat shoes), life jacket, polo shirt, khaki shorts, or just clothing with anchors/boats/water-related designs…pair them all with some sunglasses and you’re good to go! Whether you go for the classy yacht club vibe or the drunken sailor roaming the seas, just remember – as long as you brush up on your sailing puns, you’ll be the life of the party.

Keep in mind, this costume can easily become a couple/group costume if you get everyone onboard (haha get it)!

Bonus points if you make a boat hat with newspaper, origami style.

4. For the one who still has laundry to do…The Classic Toga Wearer

Are you someone who still hasn’t done their laundry since Week 1? Got some sheets you don't care about? Bust out your dusty sheets and wear them as a toga! You’ll probably spill a ton on them, but that’s okay, because that sh*t should be washed anyway.

5. For if you’ve been hitting the gym & want to show it off (or just want to look like you have)…The Hardcore Athlete

This costume is almost too easy. Wear your favourite workout clothes, sneakers, earbuds, and maybe borrow a protein shaker cup for your *beverages* (hopefully whoever you borrow it from doesn’t want it back). If people ask you ‘Are you going to the gym?’ you’ll know you’ve really embraced your character. You can even wear specific sporting clothes (kneepads, shin guards, baller socks, etc.) to really emphasize your athletic-ness.

If only we could all look this good...

Bonus points for any fun accessories (leg warmers, sweat bands, hand weights, fit bit*) or dressing up like a famous athlete (Serena Williams, Michael Phelps). Extra bonus points if you include a DIY set of cardboard abs (because who has the time to get real ones while being a student?).

*We assume no liability for damages to personal technology as a result of including them as part of your costume.

5. For the one who is looking to socialize & make lots of new *friends*…Any Animal

You can easily make any animal costume into a *sexy* animal costume. Very à la Mean Girls vibes, toss on some neutral coloured clothing with ears to match… now you’re a mouse / dog / cat / goat / chicken…DUH! Feel free to use make up to draw on some whiskers, a nose, or go all out and paint your face like when you were a kid at the carnival! (Keep in mind, if you want to keep it mature and sensual, all out face paint may not be exactly the vibe you’re looking for.)

The next 4 costumes are for two (or more)! Moving on to those ever hilarious, cute, vomit inducing (JK!), and silly couple costumes.

Whether you and your friend simply want to match and take cute pictures, or you want a killer insta-worthy picture to show off your bae, these last-minute ideas are perfect.

6. If you’re bold, you know it, & you’re not afraid to show it…The Sugar Couple

Whether you’re a Sugar Mommy and a Sugar Baby or a Sugar Daddy and a Sugar Baby, this costume is very versatile. Whether you take it easy and simply tape sugar to yourselves while wearing mature/childish clothing, or wear a University Mom/Dad shirt while your partner has a bib/pacifier (diaper?), this costume is sure to get some laughs.

This costume could be as easy as carrying a bag of sugar...

If you have the time, feel free to add a 'gold digger' twist like this couple!

7. For the pun lover…The Chick Magnet

One of you just has to wear yellow clothes (feathers are optional) and the other person can wear pretty much ANYTHING as long as they have either a) a magnet or b) a magnet made out of cardboard.

8. For the one with a onesie…USE IT!

This costume idea kind of needs at least one of you to have a fun onesie. Find it, use it, and just be creative! Does one of you have a Stitch or Pikachu onesie? Dress up as Lilo or a Pokémon trainer. Sully and Boo. Katy Perry and the Left Shark. Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. You get it, the possibilities are endless!

Here is an AWESOME example of a Sully & Boo costume!

9. For the movie/television lovers…Any Movie/TV Couple

Do you have some vintage-looking clothing? Try for Allie and Noah from The Notebook. Blonde or brunette? Betty and Veronica. One of you has red/dark hair? They can be Archie or Jughead!


You can also go for the OG comic book vibes!

Or go for Meredith Grey & McDreamy (aka Dr. Shepherd), or really any Grey’s Anatomy couple, just get some lab coats from your science-y friends!

You can also go full on Grey's girl squad!

One of you wears glasses (preferably round)? Harry Potter, you’re a wizard! Wear black and go as Harry and Ron, Harry and Ginny, Harry and Hermione! Just use makeup (or a marker) and draw a lightning shaped scar (forehead zig zag) for Harry. You can pick up some sticks on the way to the pre as your wand, then spend the rest of the night yelling ‘Accio Fireball!’

Bonus points for robes and ties for that preppy Hogwarts vibe!

You can always try for either Ross & Rachel or Monica & Chandler (Friends is iconic after all! You could even involve your whole friend group if you’re all procrastinators.)

"We were on a break!"

If you're still unsure of what to wear, check out our friends at Queen's U Transformations for their Halloween feature: From girls to MEN

- Love, Human Crossing

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